2022 Reading Goals

I know we’re already halfway through January, but it took me a while to figure out what I wanted my reading goals to be for 2022. Honestly, I kinda just want this reading year to be chill because last year’s reading year felt a little ho-hum. But there are some things that I definitely want to focus on with my reading this year:

  • Read down my physical TBR shelf: at the start of 2022 I counted over 100 owned books that I still haven’t read. So I want to read at least 50 of them.
  • Participate in Buzzwordathon: one thing that will help me read down my physical TBR is this reading challenge that’s hosted by @BooksandLala. I own a lot of books that have the monthly buzzwords so I want to read at least one or two of them a month for this challenge.
  • Read more books that I love: because last year was such a mediocre reading year, I had very few five star reads that I absolutely adored. I’m hoping this year to read more books that I’m enjoying, and DNFing* those that aren’t drawing me in. (*DNF=Did Not Finish)
  • Read from more people not like me: I’m a cishet white woman, and last year I read from 65% person white authors and less than 30% queer authors, so I definitely want to raise the number of BIPOC and queer authors that I read from. I didn’t track the number of authors I read from that were differently abled and/or neurodiverse, so I will be doing that this year and will be looking to read more of those kinds of stories as will. Books can be mirrors or windows, I definitely want to look into more windows this year.
  • Review every book I read: I track my reading on both Goodreads and The Story Graph (be my friend!) so I want to write a short review for every book I read, even if it’s only one sentence. The only books I won’t be reviewing are those that I review for Booklist, because they get the reviews first.

Anyway, that’s what I’m planning on focusing on with my reading for this year! What are you focusing with your reading for this year? Let me know! And if you have any recommendations for BIPOC, queer, differently abled, and/or neurodiverse books, let me know those as well!

2021 Reading Stats

As a reader, part of the new year that I enjoy is looking forward to all of the potential books I could read. But I also enjoy reflecting on what I read in the year that just past, as that reflection influences my reading goals for the new year. Before I share my reading goals for 2022 in an upcoming post, I wanted to share my reading stats for 2021.

graphic made in Canva.

One stat that surprised me was the amount of audiobooks I listened to. I knew that I listened to a lot of audiobooks, but I didn’t realize they accounted for the majority of my reading formats. There are also areas of improvement for me (reading more marginalized authors) that I will expand on in my 2022 reading goals.

When you think about your reading from 2021, was there anything that surprised you? Let me know in the comments below!