2021 Reading Plans

New year, new reading goals/plans! After reviewing my stats from my 2020 reading and revisiting my 2020 reading goals, the following is what I have planned for my reading in 2020.

Read more LGBTQIA+ books

I read a really sad amount of LGBTQIA+ books last year, and I am so mad at myself because one of my goals for the year was to read more! But I was not intentional enough to choose books that featured or were written by LGBTQIA+ individuals. This year I am going to make sure I am intentionally choosing LGBTQIA+ titles every month. I have very good friends that are in that community and I want to read books that they feel represented by.

Continue reading more books by BIPOC authors

I did better with this in 2020 but I still didn’t hit my 50/50 goal. So I am going to work this year to do that. I also want to diversify the BIPOC authors that I am reading. The majority of the BIPOC authors that I read in 2020 were Black, so I want to make sure I include authors that are of other ethnicities. Books are mirrors and windows, and we shouldn’t always be looking in the mirror.

Read more neuorodiverse and disability rep books

This is another goal that I failed at in 2020. I was not intentional with finding books so I need to do better this year. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Read more graphic novels

I did not read nearly enough graphic novels last year and that is a damn shame. 2018 or 2019 was like THE YEAR of graphic novels for me and I definitely missed them in 2020.

Increase my average rating

My average rating last year was 3.5 which means the majority of the books I read were good but nothing I was writing home about, you know? Your girl is a picky bitch. This is nothing agains the books, it’s just what I prefer with my reading. So this year I just need to make sure I am picking amazing books to read each month!

Participate in Buzzwordathon

This is a readathon that originated on #Booktube via Kala @ Booksandlala.

Kala has made the readathon more of a group thing that you can participate in on Goodreads. I chose this one because I know I have a lot of owned books that have “buzzwords” in them and I thought this would help me read more of my owned books.

Read A to Z

This is a carryover from last year, but again I am going to try to read titles that start with each letter of the alphabet (not including The, A, And, or An). I will record those on the Reading A-Z page.

Read my unread shelf

I’m not really participating in The Unread Shelf Project this year (although I might do a few of the prompts here and there) but we’re at 141 unread books that I own so I need to make these a priority.

So those are my reading plans for this year! What about you? Do you have any reading goals/plans you’re excited to tackle? Let me know!

Until next time,

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