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My Nonfiction November TBR, part 2!

In my last post I mentioned I had a long list of books I want to read for Nonfiction November, and I’m here with the rest of that list! As mentioned previously, the prompts for Nonfiction November this year are: time, movement, buzz and discovery, so in this post I’ll be talking about the books I have picked out for buzz and discovery!


For this prompt I interpreted it as either the content is buzzy or these books created a lot of buzz when they came out.

Women doing it for themselves seems to cause a lot of buzz but we love to see it.
Both the content and the book have a lot of buzz around them.
This one was super hyped when it came out. Therapists need to talk too!
I enjoyed the documentary on Elizabeth Holmes (called The Inventor) so I wanted to check out the buzzy book it was based on.


This one was harder to find books for but here are a couple!

Interesting subject? Check. Has the word discovery in the title? Check. Fulfills my “Read A-Z” challenge? Check.
Searching tends to lead to discovery so we’re going with it. But also warrior women!

So those are the books that I want to read for Nonfiction November! I do have other nonfiction titles on hold at the library, mostly nonfiction graphic novels that I’ve been meaning to get to. Will I read all of the books I mentioned in part 1 or 2? Probably not. But it will be fun to try!

Are you participating in Nonfiction November? What do you plan on reading? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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