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My Nonfiction November 2020 TBR, pt. 1

Ok friends, one of my FAVORITE reading months throughout the year, if not my ABSOLUTE favorite, is Nonfiction November. Now, do I read nonfiction throughout the year? Of course. The magic about Nonfiction November is that 1) I devote the whole month to nonfiction and 2) the prompts that Olive from A Book Olive devises.

Now the prompts are just to help guide your nonfiction selections, should you so choose. But you definitely can choose not to follow the prompts and just read whatever nonfiction you want. You can read a minimum of one nonfiction book, because the goal is just to read more nonfiction than you normally would! Hence my devoting a whole month to the genre because I don’t do that otherwise throughout the year.

So, the prompts fo this year’s Nonfiction November are: time, movement, buzz, and discovery. You can interpret these prompts however you want. I like to try to find books with the words in the title that are already on my radar. Most of the books I’ve chosen have followed that, but some of them are just loose interpretations of the prompts.

Because I don’t want this post to be obnoxiously long, I will talk about 2 of the prompts in this post and then the other 2 prompts in a follow up post. I definitely do not think I will get to all of the books I’ve picked out (and have put on hold at the library), but I wanted to have a variety! So here we go.


For this prompt I tried to find titles with the word “time” in them. Here’s what I found!

Goodreads describes this as a collection of essays about a Cuban refugee growing up in Miami. I want to raise my awareness of immigrant stories and this one has a pretty high rating.
Stacey Abrams spoke at the Public Library Association conference I attended before the world stopped so this one is definitely imprinted on my mind. But also it’s Stacey Abrams so of course I should read it.
I have not read nearly enough graphic novels this year so trying to rectify that with this nonfiction graphic novel about the historic Apollo Theater.


For this one I again tried to find titles that had the word “movement” in them. Subtitles count!

I don’t know anything about art but it’s about women and it had “movement” in the title so I’m here for it.
It’s about the #MeToo movement so enough said.
Gun violence is still very much relevant, although I probably should have read this when it initially came out.
This one is very much priority because 1) it’s a *spoiler* carry over from my October TBR (my hold hasn’t come in yet but I’m next in line!) and 2) Black feminism.

So those are the titles I’ve got on hold from the library for time and movement. I’ve also got some nonfiction on my physical TBR shelf that I may use. Like I said, I know I definitely won’t get to all of them but it’s nice to have options!

Are you participating in Nonfiction November? Are you a big nonfiction reader? Let me know any nonfiction you would recommend in the comments. And stay tuned for my buzz and discovery potential reads!

Until next time!

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