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My 2020 Black-Oween-Athon TBR

It’s almost October! We’re going to ignore the fact that I haven’t updated this blog in more than 6 months, right? Thank you.

So…it’s almost October! Time to get spooky and read spooky. Now, I’m not really a fan of spooky/horror reads, so I had no plans to read spooky. But I still wanted to participate in a readathon this month, and lucky for me there are tons to choose from! The one I am going to participate in for October is Black-Oween-Athon, which was created by Bre, aka Loc’D Booktician (check out her announcement video here).

The purpose of this readathon is to shine the light on Black authors who write speculative fiction as well as other genres, which is definitely something that I can get behind! Reading diversely has been a consistent goal of mine but I will never say no to adding a fun twist to that goal. Below is my currently planned TBR for this readathon. These may change depending on whether I can get ahold of a copy, but for now this is what I’m going with.

A fantasy novel by a Black author

I’m almost finished with the second book in this trilogy, so I might as well finish it out! Ps. This series is REALLY good.
A book by a Black trans, queer, or non-binary author
I have heard nothing but good things about this one.

A book that features Black mermaids/sirens

Again, I’ve heard nothing but good things. Also, it’s apparently inspired by a song? So that’s cool.

A mystery book by a Black author

Ok, so mystery/thrillers aren’t normally my jam, but this discusses race and justice & all of my Goodreads friends who have read it said it was good, so I’m feeling like I will like it too.

A historical fiction novel by a Black author

I read Whitehead’s The Nickel Boys earlier this year (which I definitely recommend) so I knew I had to add this to the list.

A thriller by a Black author

Again, this is one I’ve heard good things about. And what’s more thrilling than a serial killer?

A book that discusses intersectionality by a Black author

It’s a book that discusses feminism, so duh.

A book that includes a Black witch

I mean, that cover.

Read a book by an underrated Black author

I got an ARC of this at the Public Library Association conference back in February which is how this is on my radar but have not really heard anyone else talking about it.

Read Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

A classic.

So this is my current reading list for Black-Oween-Athon! Most of these books have been on my radar so I’m excited to finally get to them. Let’s hope they’re as good as I think they’re going to be!

Are you participating in any readathons in October? What are your reading plans? Let me know!

Happy reading!

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